bespoke website design and elegant, sophisticated and intentional brand styling + stationery design for creative entrepreneurs ready  for the next level of business.

Ready to be seen by the people you truly want to serve? ready for strategies that convert?

Beyond every brand design, I create is the desire to see you come through your business, to be fully seen and felt without sacrificing your uniqueness for your audience, to reach the kinds of clients you want to work with, and for you to grow your platform around your truth and use your voice and influence as a force for good. 

With bespoke website design, elegant and intentional brand styling and stationery design, I aim to reflect the quality and seriousness that you so diligently pour into your business, while giving you the exclusivity of a 1:1 experience that mirrors how important serving you is.

What can you do for me?

I'm ready!

Imagine This

Pivoting with style and booking your dream clients with bigger bugdets at higher price points within months of launching or rebranding.

Having a brand and website that allows you to connect with the right clients on an emotional level so they immediately know what makes you different

Having a brand that allows your style and personality come across and helps you stand out in your marketplace. You get power and personality while still keeping the prestigious, high-end look and feel.

Getting clarity around your visual brand and finally having a website that makes you proud so you don't have to cringe anymore when people look up your site at networking events, standing next to you.

Clients you love, a business that brings in the money, and the confidence, freedom and joy to show up and serve your best and make your impact is now right within your reach.

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Brand uplevel

luxe brand experience

website uplevel

Bespoke and thoughtfully designed brand identity for creative entrepreneurs like you that connects you to your dream clients and gives you the confidence to pursue your business goals !

This is not just a brand and a site slapped together, it's a beautiful chance to give you a one of a kind experience built on quality, beauty and the strategies  that make a bespoke brand and website make bank for a creative business like yours. It's not my best selling package for nothing!

Bespoke and thoughtfully designed website for creative entrepreneurs like you that help you win the trust of your dream clients and convert them from site visitors to loyal customers and brand fans !

Up to 90 minute Brand Clarity Session

Moodboard + color pallete

everything included in brand uplevel package

everything included in website uplevel package

10 day launch strategy to help you build hype around your launch the right way.

launch graphics for social media (instagram or facebook)

hidden pricing page/ pricing guide

quarterly priority check-ins and tweaks for a year

Fully custom website design*Up to 7 pages*

Custom development on Showit, Squarespace Or WordPress

A customized "coming soon" page.

404 Redirect Page

Search Engine Optimization

Instagram Landing Page

Newsletter Pop Up

showit/ wordpress/ squarespace training video

Launch package for social media

moodboard + color pallete

Logo Suite (Main, Alternate and Submark logos)

Font selection (Original font files  included)

Brand Pattern/ Social Media templates for Instagram or Facebook/ Instagram bio page (Choose one)

3 Collateral items (notecard, business card, price list etc)

Brand Guidelines Document

1 hour brand strategy session

3 weeks


This can be the start of a whole new chapter of purposeful, intentional business for you.

4  weeks

5  weeks

best value

Hi! I'm Elyeeka

and I can get you results!

Hello I'm Elyeeka, creative director and founder at Elyeeka Collective, which is a brand design and strategy as well as website design studio for mostly female creative businesses that are here to play big.

Growing up I didn't get to see a lot of people, women especially use things they were good at to create impact let alone be daring to build a business out of that. I always knew I was to do something that really mattered with my love for design, pretty luxe spaces, and my urge and drive to win if I'm in it. 

Late 2017, I decided to create Elyeeka Collective I've had the opportunity to work with amazing clients in different parts of the world, creating designs for them that help them reach their ideal clients, help them speak their message with clarity to the right people and give them the confidence about pursuing their goals in the first place!


From the mountains

to the beaches, we love it all.

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“I enjoyed working with Elyeeka, she was very helpful in her communication. Not once did I feel like I never knew what was going on. She was on top of everything and was listening to my vision every step of the way.

My website right now has gotten so much love and support from people all over. I’ve been able to build my clients up even more due to having a professional website! It’s user-friendly, clean, fashionable and professional! I can honestly say that now I have even more confidence in myself and business! I am totally looking forward to future goals for my business!”

 I’ve been able to build my clients up even more!
I can honestly say that now I have even more confidence in myself and business! 

website uplevel
Nephataria wright, stylenook co

"ahhh it's beautiful!! Oh what a lovely lovely job you did...!!!! It’s gorgeous. I really appreciate your wonderful work. I absolutely do love the new branding!"

BRAND uplevel

Elyeeka is ridiculously smart, creative, ambitious and organized. She is wonderful to work with, super professional and has been my cheerleader throughout this web design process. The woman is just great all-round!”

She is wonderful to work with, super professional and has been my cheerleader throughout


"Wowoowowow ….I LOVE IT! I love the thought behind the new logo and I really love how everything looks... I will make a tattoo! "


I can get you the same results my other clients have!



Interested in working together? Perfect! Send through your detailed inquiry and I'll go through it and email a link to schedule a call to work together. Your project is important to me and I do not take the details and your needs lightly. On our virtual date call, it'll be an amazing place to gather a much information about your brand; what your goals are and how best I can help you reach them. You'll receive a proposal, quote and contract about how and which Services will be your best bet! 

Once the deposit is completed, and the contract is signed, I'll email you your welcome package, and we'll get on a call so I can walk you through everything and let the fun begin!
The power of a brand lies behind the clarity of thought and intention behind it. Next we'll be laying the groundwork for your brand, we'll be discussing goals, clients, strategies and communication, and how best the design can keep it's personality and style while driving your message and helping you get the goals.

To start our project together, everything has to be official and we must be on the same page for the benefit of both parties. You get a detailed iron clad contract, and a payment link to make the collaboration official. The payment terms available are 50% due on booking, 50 % due on completion. Or 30% due on booking, 35 % mid-project and 35% on completion. The Luxe Brand Package has a 3 month payment plan if you need to use that (do inquire to let me know if you'll need that) 

Once we've finished all the design work and you're satisfied with how everything is done, we'll begin scheming and working to implement our plan to build hype around your launch. We'll work on launch strategies, a game plan and I'll teach you how to use you new brand/site to your advantage. 

Now the fun part kicks in, here's where we get into inspiration, moodboard, fonts, colours, logo design, stationery with the goals and strategy guiding our choices and every design design. We'll be working together every step of the way, I'll be sending you deliverables to look through and approve at each phase of the design.

It's time to celebrate the launch with lots of warmth, love and posts. Final deliverables and transfers will be done once final payment is done. Cheers to a new level of your business!


Virtual Date

Brand Exploration

Design with Intention

Scheming World Domination

Let's make a toast

Official Branding Partners!

This can be the start of a whole new chapter of purposeful, intentional business for you!

the process


are you ready to play big in your business, take a stand for something and make your voice heard?

This is for you if 

work with me!

 You don’t just need another brand stylist, you need a brand partner, who you can chat about business with while sipping up your coffee, who listens to you, fans up your ambitious fire a little more and celebrates with you over a glass of champagne.

You've been in business for a while, you've proven your concept and your ready to uplevel your visuals.

You launched your business with a basic brand & website, but you’re ready to uplevel and refine both to prep yourself for expansion.

You’re committed to invest in your business and know the ROI associated with doing so.