I'm Elyeeka and I design luxurious and authentic brands for creative online business owners that are ready to play big!


You need more than just visuals - you need a thoughtfully designed identity and strategy that connects you to your dream *high end* clients and give you the confidence to slay your business goals!

ready to uplevel?


I'm Elyeeka, creative director and founder at Elyeeka Collective and I design brands for entrepreneurs that are ready to pivot and elevate their online businesses as well as appeal to high end clients.

I'm totally against websites and brands that just sit there and look pretty.  Brand and websites shouldn’t just be pretty, they should be powerful and an essential component of your marketing and communication strategy.

If you're into brands and websites that born from strategy, that make impressions and convert, that makes two of us!

When you started your business, you were super excited, you threw a website together, DIY'd a logo and went straight to work, helping other people with your expertise even though your branding isn’t cohesive or particularly effective, and now you realize your brand and website don’t represent the heart behind your business, the level of expertise you have and the caliber of clients you have and want to work with.

You’re driven, ambitious and you wouldn't let anything stop you. You’re committed to making your dreams happen and You are so done with only being swept along by the tides of your clients, it's time you start steering the ship!

You deserve what you so selflessly pour into your clients’ business, and it’s time they, with your potential clients see all the beauty and sophistication and magnificence that is you. 

Play Big, Stand out, Get Intentional about your business and walk the walk.

You’re ready to

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Let’s create a unique brand and  website that ensures that your style, personality and expertise come across to your clients in a way that actually sells. 

If you're ready to to do the work and uplevel your brand, grab a pen and a notebook, let's talk tried and true strategies to help you achieve your goals!





“I enjoyed working with Elyeeka, she was very helpful in her communication. Not once did I feel like I never knew what was going on. She was on top of everything and was listening to my vision every step of the way.... 

My website right now has gotten so much love and support from people all over. I’ve been able to build my clients up even more due to having a professional website! It’s user-friendly, clean, fashionable and professional! I can honestly say that now I have even more confidence in myself and business! I am totally looking forward to future goals for my business!”

 I’ve been able to build my clients up even more due to having a professional website! I can honestly say that now I have even more confidence in myself and business!

-Nephataria Wright, Stylenook Co

Elyeeka is ridiculously smart, creative, ambitious and organized. She is wonderful to work with, super professional and has been my cheerleader throughout this web design process. The woman is just great all-round!”

- Thena Luu, Love and Liberation Co

It's really unique, luxurious and simple. I really really like the outcome of everything, it’s perfect...

- Josephine Ablorh, HairPlus.

Ahhh it's beautiful!! Oh what a lovely lovely job you did...!!!! It’s gorgeous - I really appreciate your wonderful work. I absolutely do love the new branding!

- Shahrzhad Shukra, Fully Adored.

....That’s why you’re the expert!

- Mia LaMotte